Care for environment

We are using environmental friendly crop protection

Care for environment

We are continuously optimizing and improving our production methods. Minimal impact on the environment and humans is a central establishment. We are using environmental friendly crop protection products and natural predators against insects. We also are keeping our power consumption very low.

Our flower farm is certified by MPS-A.

Environmental friendly crop protection
The flower of the hydrangea is not very pervious for pests and diseases. We are working with natural enemies to protect our crop. A mite as alburnum for example we oppose integrated. Which means that we are working with natural predators (insects).

Energy saving measures
The cultivation of the hydrangea is a cold breeding, so the power consumption is very low.  We maximize the use of natural  growth condition. Our greenhouses are equipped with screens to reduce the use of energy during the winter conditions.

Optimizing 2016 and 2017
In 2016 we replaced all asbestos roofs of our flower processing hall by modern isolated roofs. In January 2017 the roofs are provided with solar panels. In this way we have become fully energy neutral in the area of electricity.