Care tips

With proper care you can enjoy our hydrangeas for a long time

Care tips

By taking care for hydrangea we distinguish between fresh hydrangea and (old) classic hydrangea. With proper care you can enjoy the fresh hydrangea for 2 till 3 weeks. The old classic hydrangea can even cheer your living room for months.

Taking care of the Fresh Hydrangea
The delicate fresh hydrangea needs more proper care than the old classics to guarantee a long vase life.

Use a clean vase, a sharp knife and flower food. Keep water free of leaves and place the vase of hydrangeas where there is no wind, drafts or direct sunlight.

Below we explain these care tips further.

Clean vase
Use a clean vase, preferably made from glass. Clean carefully with a little bit of chloride and hot water to kill bacteria.

Flower Food (special hydrangea cut flower food)
Use flower food in the vase and mix properly with water according to the ratio indicated on the package. The flower food is usually attached to the bunch or ask your florist for this. Cut flower food will give the flowers extra energy and also ensures that the bacteria growth is reduced. This will keep the water cleaner.

Sharp knife
Cut off the hydrangeas at least 2 cm diagonally with a sharp knife. By using a sharp knife, damage on the stems is reduced.

Water free from leaves
Make sure that no leaves are hanging in the water of the vase, because this can stimulate growth of bacteria.

Free of wind, draft, heat and fruits
Place the vase of roses on a wind and draft-free place. Never in the sun or near a heater. And avoid areas with a fruit bowl.

If you follow up these recommendations, you will have the best chance for a long vase life.

Limp flowers?
When your receive limped hydrangea flowers, than you need to cut off 5cm and place them wrapped in newspaper in a vase full of water for several hours. The flowers will recover!

Classic hydrangea
In principle taking care of the (old) classic hydrangea is the same as taking care for the fresh hydrangea.  However the classic hydrangea is less delicate and well suitable for drying.

Drying Classic hydrangea
The flowers of the (old) classic are very well suitable for drying. Remove the leaves when the flowers stop absorbing water. Place the flowers in a dry vase and will totally dry out. And they can cheer up your living room for months.